South Korean AI Robot Army Ready For 3rd World War

ai robot army

South Korean AI robot army ready for 3rd world war. The South Korean AI robot army ready for 3rd world war. Artificial Intelligence researcher warns that a robotic Army capable of destroying human beings is secretly built by a South Korean University. Top AI robot researchers claim that the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) is working with the weapons manufacturing company Hanah system on AI technology.

ai robot army

By boycott of the University of Christ, more than fifty Ai researchers from 30 countries have signed a letter and expressed concerns about the planning of abusing the AI technology. Researchers call it the Pandora box and, according to them, artificial intelligence (AI technology) and automatic destructive robots should not be used as the weapon of war.

In addition to expressing concern about the possibility of creating an AI robot for destructive purposes, it is also claimed that such weapons could lead to the Third World War.After launching the AI Arms Laboratory recently, the world’s leading 57-year-old AI researchers unanimously condemned the operation. The laboratory has been established jointly with the South Korean company’s leading arms company Hanah system.

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ai robot army

The letter signed by the researchers stated, “It would be difficult to close the box of this Pandora if it is open. The letter written by Professor Toby Wallace of Sydney’s New South Wales University has been sent along with the President of the University of University Professor Song-Shin Shin. He mentioned in the letter, “It is very sad that a prestigious university like Christ was involved in speeding up the race of arms. So we are openly declaring that we will make all types of cooperative activities with KAST until the President of the President assures that the self-governing arms research will be stopped in this center.

ai robot armyThe reasons for the boycott and the organization’s activities have been widely condemned by the concerns of AI weapons. It is mentioned in the letter that, “If AI technology improves, automatic weapons may become the third revolution in the war. These weapons will allow quick battles and larger levels than before. Even terrorism could become weapons. “There is no process of creating a destructive robot of Ai technology in the Kaiser’s program,” said Chancellor Professor Song-Shin Shin in a statement. Quite frankly, the company has no intention of developing lethal autonomous weapon systems or killer robots. “As an academic institution, we evaluate human rights and moral values at a very high level. Choice has always conducted good service research. I would like to say firmly that, without a self-regulatory weapon, any kind of research programs against humanity will never lead to the Queen.

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Professor Tobi Walsh told CNN, he was satisfied with most of Shin’s comments. But he still did not tell whether the boycott would remain. Toby said, I still have some questions but they responded appropriately.


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