Strawberry, Lemon, Mint Juice Should be Build Glowing Skin

glowing skin

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Glowing Skin Tips 

In the summer, black skin, gluttony, tanning – there is no end to the problem! Sweat on him-provoking pollution! Dehydration-taking property. What to do? ‘Obela’ is spreading the recipes made from various seasonal fruits inside the house.

Mint face Pack

The most reliable way to cool the skin back from sunlight is this face pack. If you are at home, take a few beds. Then put a little yellow powder on it. Then mix the brine with a little mixed paste. After washing 15 minutes to wash, wash the sun, feeling the feeling, disappeared at the moment! Do not touch the blacksmith and the skin.

Lemon Face Pack

Patilabu pair of fair match to shine the skin. Because the lemon juice contains natural bleaching material. However, Lemon Facebook comes to work to remove facial gluten. Put a tablespoon of platele juice, a tablespoon honey and egg whites together and keep the mouth for 20 minutes. If you wash well, the skin is glowing!

Face Pack

Add frozen cold cucumber and add some sugar to it. Then keep it refrigerated for a little more time. Wash and wash after 10 minutes after exfoliating. Skin moisture will keep balance, skin from sunburn will also be removed. To maintain the health of skin, there is no sweat pair. Refrigerated cold curd and sour cream is great for the skin!

Strawberry-Lemon Face Pack

Do you want to avoid oil-to-skin and fatigue? Strawberry-lemon Facebook is its key. Still strawberries in the departmental stores! Take a few hands with your hands. Add curd, honey and lemon juice to make the pack. Can be refrigerated for a long time. Then apply the face and dry well. Wash completely after drying. If you do, put a good toner. There will be comfort of the skin, glue will come along with it

Tomato Pulp Face Pack

Want to remove tan, but you can not cope with the heat? Know that tanners are better than any other natural element. Sprinkle the palms separately by removing the tomato pea. Mix it with a few drops of honey. For 10-15 minutes, apply a thick layer of the face. Then wash it in cold water. Get results in hand!

Banana Face mask

Many people have a tendency to again, to become dry in the summer! In those cases, I would like to make the best of the case. Make half a banana, a table teaspoon honey and two tablespoons savers and mix them well. After 10 minutes, wash the face thoroughly with a little hot water. The skin will be much smoother, moisture will also be maintained.

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