Bollywood Top 10 Movie From The Budget – Highest Budget Movie

highest budget movie

Bollywood top 10 movie from the budget or highest budget movie, top bollywood movies, bollywood top 10 movies, bollywood collection records, top grossing bollywood movie, bollywood movie collection, etc. information available in here. 1) Bahubali (250 million) Prabhas’s Bahubali has broken all records of Indian cinema. 250 crores of Indian Rupees was spent to make this picture. In it, Prabhas (dual role), Rana Duggbati, Tamanna Bhatia and Anushka Sharma. 2) Robot (150 million) Robot’s budget was 150 crore rupees. It starred Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Explicit location, eye-splendid set,…

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