Thamao Protects Smartphone Theft- Thamao Will Give Full Smartphone Security

protects smartphone theft

Thamao protects smartphone theft or thamao will give full smartphone security. With smartphone usage rising, smartphones are stolen. When a smartphone is stolen, access to all of the user’s data, facebook/ google/e-mail, is accessed by thieves and the general public gets screwed. Women are facing more problems. After the theft of women’s smartphones, they are often attacked by Blakemile. ‘Stop’ a mobile application recently created to stop this. Thamao Protects Smartphone Theft And the app made some young people. They are: Nasif Siddiqui (Accounting and Information Systems, Dhaka University), Ahsan Asim…

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Top 6 Smartphone Problem – Smartphone Problems and Solutions

smartphone problems solution

Top 6 smartphone problem or smartphone problems and solutions smartphone security, cell phone repair, In this digital era, almost all types of phones are used. That phone is android and iPhone or windows phone. again, whatever the cheap or good the phone can be the problem of the phone. The common solution to such problems is to be here. Phone Screen and Touch It is often seen that the Smartphone is kept in a pocket with a key or with another mobile. This results in pressure on the screen. It…

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