Thamao Protects Smartphone Theft- Thamao Will Give Full Smartphone Security

protects smartphone theft

Thamao protects smartphone theft or thamao will give full smartphone security. With smartphone usage rising, smartphones are stolen. When a smartphone is stolen, access to all of the user’s data, facebook/ google/e-mail, is accessed by thieves and the general public gets screwed. Women are facing more problems. After the theft of women’s smartphones, they are often attacked by Blakemile. ‘Stop’ a mobile application recently created to stop this.

Thamao Protects Smartphone Theft

And the app made some young people. They are: Nasif Siddiqui (Accounting and Information Systems, Dhaka University), Ahsan Asim (Computer Science and Engineering, AIUB), Ratul Rahman (Accounting and Information Systems, University of Dhaka) and Fayaz Bin Salam (Computer Science and Engineering, AIUB)

Nasif Siddiqui, the original developer of the app, said about the app, “We wanted to do something like Blackmail could be stopped. Start of ‘Stop’ from here There are many apps internationally designed to think about users of First World. Stop the only app that has been developed keeping in mind only the smartphone users of Bangladesh. We’ve worked with hundreds of smartphone users to stop talking and whose smartphone has been stolen in Bangladesh in the year 2017-18.

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Nasif said, “We started a team built on our own initiative and started working. Not from a profile motive, they can not be allowed to run in the same way – from this thought I did it. “

Since the app on Google Play Store, e-mail messages are coming from hundreds of people every day, Nasim said. Smartphone users have said that they feel safe using the app.

The app will do that

The thief and the phone cannot be stopped by stealing the phone. Because of this, only a small message will delete the phone memory without resetting the lost phone without any internet. There will not be any access to any mobile phone data, facebook/ google/e-mail etc. Playing a loud siren on a lost phone without the Internet through a sophisticated message that will also work in mutable mode. This app is capable of stopping theft in the case of mobile charging/headphone fitted.

The Smartphone Common Problem and Its Solution

To install an app on a mobile phone, go to Google’s Play Store. Go there and download Thamao by searching the app and installing it. The features of the app are given below

SMS Security

You can control the phone with pre-defined sms on the phone stolen from any other phone without internet. Here –

1) “Thamao Reset” can be used to reset the phone with a message, so if the thief gets the phone, the user can delete his secure information with just one SMS so that the thief does not have personal information. This feature will protect the girls from getting Blackmail by thieves.

3) “Thamao Siren” will siren on the lost phone via message, this siren will sound even in high sound silent mode. Even without unlocking the sound, the volume cannot be reduced, the Volume Down button will not work.

3) Through “Thamao Lock” you can lock the phone with the message, the power button will be disabled. Which means that the phone cannot be closed normally without unlocking in any way.


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