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The raid full movie 2018 or raid full movie information. We are providing here the raid full movie 2018 details & the raid full movie review. According to the source, the political leader Touji (Sourav Shukla) has many illegal properties. How did you do the search in the Taj Ali house, this picture tells the story of her.

The Raid Full Movie 2018 Discussion

Director R Raj Kumar Gupta has done a good job in Raid. Rishi Shah’s intriguing screenplay and dialogue, along with praise for him. Very funny pictures in one word Raid. Action, Thrill, Shuffle Screen Time.

Before that, in many films, Ajay Devon has been seen in the role of a police officer. Here also he fought with the same honesty with all the wrongs. In 1981, he took charge of the Income Tax Department of Lucknow. Sourav Shukla as Tauji’s role is unique He is no longer behind his political power. The background of fair and unfair competition between the whole picture. Some parts are easily guess-tuned in the screenplay. Particularly the second part of the photo is more dramatic than the need.

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However, this film definitely gave a chance to Sourav Shukla. Ajay Devi is also amazing. Along with the side, Ileana de Cruz and Amit Sial also expressed their performance skills. And 85 years old Pushpa Joshi is not speaking to anyone. He watched the character of Tuji’s mother as a watcher. But Amit Trivedi and Tanishka Bagchi can not spot special marks. But money not waste.

The Raid Full Movie the raid full movie

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