The US President Donald Trump Public Support is Declining

us president donald trump

The US President Donald Trump public support is declining. Recent time trump, trump news, donald trump news, donald trump for president, trump for president, etc. when he took power, his public support was 40 percent. Currently it has reduced 36 percent. This information was released in a poll published on Sunday.

US President Donald Trump Public Support is Declining

US media has posted a Washington Post and ABC News from July 10 to 13 on a thousand people. It has been found that 58 percent of tragedy has increased. 48 percent of surveyed people said they strongly dislike the trump activity as the president donald trump

Democrat President Barack Obama and Bill Clinton’s popularity have never been so low. In the second period, the popularity of Republican George W. Bush was so low for one time.

In April, 56 percent of people thought that Russia tried to nose in the 2016 US election. It rose to 60 percent now 80 percent of Democrats believe in Russian influence. But with Republicans, this rate is 33 percent.

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