Top 10 Smartphone Manufacturers 2017 – Top 10 Smartphone Producer at This Time

top 10 smartphone

Top 10 smartphone manufacturers 2017 or top 10 smartphone producer at this time. Smartfone, 5g smartphone, smartphone 4g, smartphone android, etc. the global smartphone market is increasing day by day, according to China-based smartphone makers. According to the market monitoring agency Counter Point, 48 percent of the world’s smartphone market is occupied by Chinese. In the second quarter of this year, smart phone sales were quite upbeat, with some companies in the country. In addition, Apple, Samsung’s company, as well as the top ten, has made some top Chinese smartphone maker companies.

top 10 smartphone1. Samsung

In the second quarter, Samsung’s growth has achieved 22 percent. Which is 4 percent more than the annual growth of last year. Basically this year they have kept their strong positions in the market for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus without the market.

top 10 smartphone

2. Apple

According to the counter point, Apple’s growth in the world market is 11.2 percent. Which is less than the second-quarter growth of 2016. Last time it was 11. 0 percent.

top 10 smartphone

3. Huawei

The company’s record has been recorded in the second quarter of this year to increase profits. Huawei has achieved 38.4 percent growth. Those who have an annual growth of 20 percent. It is said that the company is fastening its position quickly in the global market.

top 10 smartphone

4. Oppo

Surely you can be surprised at the name of Apo on the fourth place in the list. Their growth is 8.4 percent. Outside China, the demand of Oppo for the Indian market is very high.

top 10 smartphone

5. Vivo

Vivo is at the fifth place with 6.6 percent growth. Like the oppo this smartphone is very good in the Indian market.

top 10 smartphone

6. Xiaomi

Xiaomi  growth has increased in the second quarter of this year compared to the second quarter of last year. In the second quarter, xiaomi has sold 21 million mobile phones in the whole world. And their growth was 6.6 percent. xiaomi  flagship phone MI6 and low-priced Smartphone xiaomi Note 4 have helped them to get their position back in the market. The company is giving great importance to China and India market and there is a big market there.

top 10 smartphone

7. LG

Asia and Europe in the second quarter of the 017-strong position in the market was LG. They sold 1.33 million smartphones. LG’s annual growth was 4 percent, and it was also in this period

top 10 smartphone

8. ZTE

ZTE has named the eighth place in the list with 3.3 percent growth in the second quarter of the year.

top 10 smartphone

9. Lenovo

Lenovo is facing tough competition in the market regularly. As can be said, in the market of Lenovo in India. However, they have achieved 3.2 percent growth including Motorola smartphone owned by them.

top 10 smartphone

10. Alcatel

Alcatel has achieved 1.3 percent growth. the second quarter of last year, their growth was 2.1 percent.


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