Top Bollywood Couples Who Got The Divorce – Bollywood Couples Divorce

bollywood couples divorce

Top Bollywood couples who got the divorce or bollywood couples divorce. It does not take time to build a relationship in Bollywood, and it does not take time to break the relationship. About 10 to 15 years of marriage life breaks down into a laugh. We are discussing today bollywood couples divorce Mithun Chakrabarti & Sridevi, Om Puri & Nandita Puri, Kamal Hasan & Sharika Thakur, Karan Singh Grover & Jennifer Winkat, Saif Ali Khan & Amrita Singh, Aamir Khan & Rina Dutta, Sanjay Dutt & Rhea Pillai, and more Bollywood celebrity got the divorce. All couple is complete this type of process divorce lawyer, divorce papers, divorce procedure, marriage separation, etc. The story of the rise and fall of their lives is not dramatic. Divorce is a painful fact. Due to death, the scourge of death is the maintenance. And if this divorce is in Bollywood, then the stars have to empty the pockets completely.

 Bollywood Couples Divorce

The marriage of love is another example of divorce that has been separated from Bollywood. Here we have chosen as well as 17 relations, even after the marriage, whose relations have progressed in the way of separation.

Kamal Hasan-Sharika Thakur

bollywood couples who got the divorce

This couple was married in 1988. They also have one child. Hurt the myth. But they could not save the incident of Kamal Hasan’s involvement with one another. In 2004, they were separated. But there is still no divorce. Kamal Hassan married Shariqa on love But Shorika could not agree with the actress. Fruit separation

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Om Puri-Nandita Puri

bollywood couples who got the divorce

Nandita’s talk with OM at a function in Kolkata. Friendship and love from there. They were married in 1993. Within a few years, the separation happened. Nandita complained about her hatred against Om Puri. Om Puri has got one after another. Nandita often had trouble with this. The end of the incident reached such a place that they told everyone to be different. Until the matter happened, till the police station. As a result, they got married.

Mithun Chakrabarti-Sridevi

bollywood couples who got the divorce

While working together in the film, Sridevi, in love with Bollywood’s handsome hero Mithun. It was also known in 1985 that Mithun was secretly married to Sridevi. Although they did not want to accept it publicly. A media leaked the marriage certificate of Sridevi-Mithun. After that Mithun admitted to marrying Chakrabarti Sridevi. But she did not get married. In 1988, Sridevi-Mithun’s family broke up. After hearing the story of Bollywood’s producer Boney Kapoor and his sister-in-law, it was said that Mithun decided to break apart.

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Emperor Dahal-Manisha Koirala

bollywood couples who got the divorce

Nepali industrialist Emraan Dahal thought that the heroine of ‘Dil She’ In 2010, they had four hands in one. However, the distance grew gradually. As a result, the marriage was only for two years.

Bobby Mukherjee-Mahima Chowdhury

bollywood couples who got the divorce

Mahima has loved many years with tennis star Leander Paes. Then the relationship broke down. Then the architect, Bobby Mukherjee, married in 2006, Mahima. It’s about the end of 2016.

Hrithik Roshan -Suzanne Khan

bollywood couples divorce

Before the 13th wedding anniversary, she was surprised by the separation from Suzanne. In 2000, it ended in marriage in 2014. Although they did not know the real reason for ending 14 years of marriage, both of them admitted that they are still friends with each other. However, Suvarna needs to pay Rs 40 crores for the maintenance of Sujan after divorce. However, after this, the Awatiq simply threw the news as rumor.

Sanjay Kapoor – Karishma Kapoor

bollywood couples who got the divorce

13-year-old married life knew who would end it in such a bit! Karisma married industrialist Sanjay in 2003. The court upheld the duo’s allegations. Last year, they were divorced in June last year. Sanjay got a house in addition to a Rs 14 crore bond. Instead, Sanjay got the chance to spend time with his children.

Karan Singh Grover – Jennifer Winkat

bollywood couples divorce

The popular favorite is the Cup of Cupcakes in 2016. The main reason for the breakup of Bipasha Basu. Karan and Bipasha became very close to filming ‘Allon’. Jennifer could not accept that They did not necessarily choose the path of separation.

Parineeti Chopra Bollywood Actress

Saif Ali Khan – Amrita Singh

bollywood couples who got the divorce

Saif, who gave him a call after dinner, offered him dinner. But he did not say Amrita. Saif went to his house without any reason. She did not return home after dinner and she did not return home. That’s the start of their live-time in the nineties. Then married. 12-year-old Amrita’s house with 13-year-old Saif That relationship ended in 2004. Amrita took care of paying 7 crore taka during her divorce.

Aamir Khan-Rina Dutta

bollywood couples who got the divorce

Amir was married to his first wife, Rina, in 1986. Amir was only 21 years old Rina ran away from home and got married Along with a few friends were there. Their 16-year-old family was broken in 2002. After filing a divorce case, Rina wanted to pay 50 crores. However, no party wanted to tell exactly how much money was made in the end.

Sanjay Dutt-Rhea Pillai

bollywood couples divorce

During the marriage, both were involved in the alien family. Sanjay has got the name enlightened with honor, On the other hand, Rear was in love with the tennis star Leander Paes. In 1998, after marriage, tabloid leaves filled with creams in their stories. In 2002, during the divorce, Riya got 8 crore taka.

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