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In job interview many questions are asked to verify the candidate’s eligibility. In most cases the type of question is almost the same. somewhere else, there is something different. Let’s know, what is the question of job interviews in top technology companies like apple, facebook or IBM?

How To Make a Better Youtube Video That Was Not Released Yet? technology job

Who can ask such questions, it is sure that the question is read. youtube chief executive officer Susan waziqui once said in a new York times event. “how can we develop a you tube product that is not yet unveiled?” He likes to ask such questions for job seekers. Susan did not give a job to anyone who could not tell a way.

What Did You Learn This Week? technology job details

Asked about job seekers’ knowledge of interest, PayPal, an online-based transaction organization, was asked. The chief teaching officer of the company, Derek hen said that he has made this question to every candidate. Even if on the starting day of the week. because, the main ideology of the organization is the achievement of life-long education. So the organization thinks, knowledge should be acquired every time of life.

Tell Me, Will You Delay a Work That is Perfect, Or is It Okay To Submit Such Work At a Certain Time?technology job

Whatever the decision, the question of how a job-seeker expresses his logic. the question of whether the employer is presenting his argument. IBM Watson, head of the human resources department of the technology company, IBM, said, “odd lewisant. He said, ‘How do the candidates finish the job, instead I want to know how he interpreted his argument.

What are You Most Passionate About?technology job details

In response to such questions, the white board also has to show it in a LinkedIn job interview. Brendan Brown, the head of the recruiting department of the organization, said that they are actually examining.  How expressive a candidate is by responding to this question as well as showing him.

What Do You Do in Your Best Days?technology job

Although there is no specific answer to this question, in response to this, the emotional status of the candidate is verified by the popular social media channel facebook.

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Who Does Not Like You, What Does He Say About You?technology job

Duolingo, an online-based medium of learning the language. Thinks that it is easy to feel comfortable about himself, that it is easy to understand. The founder and CEO of the company, Luis Von Ahon, makes this question almost all the candidates. He himself gave an answer. He said, ‘If I am a candidate, I would say, I think those who do not like me, they do not understand me, so they will misconception about me.

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