Traveling to Coxbazar Kolatoli Beach – Coxbazar Laboni Beach

coxbazar kolatoli beach

Traveling to coxbazar kolatoli beach or coxbazar laboni beach. Due to being close to the district town, the cox’s bazar beach, kolatoli beach and Laboni beach are considered to be the main attraction for the tourists.

Coxbazar Kolatoli Beach Laboni Beach

coxbazar kolatoli beach
Kolatoli Beach Natural Everyday View

The distance between these two points of the beach is just fifteen minutes. Shoppers can wait for the tourists. Except for the shiny market, which is located in Labani Point or labani beach and there are many restaurants in the beach, where you can enjoy a pleasant sunset while drinking a mug coffee.

coxbazar kolatoli beach
Kolatoli Beach Natural View

Walking from the Lebanese Point to Kalatali Beach will take 15 minutes. Shishu Market in Labani Point is also available in small shops where there are many things that make shoppers more attractive for tourists. Besides, there are some restaurants where you can see a pleasant sunset at the beach along the sea coast.

coxbazar kolatoli beach
Rest Place For Tourist Kolatoli Beach
coxbazar kolatoli beach
Water Sport Kolatoli Beach
coxbazar kolatoli beach
Sunset View kolatoli Beach

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