Donald Trump Restrictions The List Of Close Relatives is Increased

donald trump

Trump restrictions the list of close relatives is increased. trump, trump news, donald trump news, donald trump for president, etc. Muslim relatives, & another many relatives of the people of six countries will not face obstacles in entering the United States. Now grandparents are not only parents and siblings but they will also be considered as close relatives. 

Trump Restrictions 

AFP reported that the Federal Court of Hawaii judge Darick Watson on Thursday ruled out the verdict. The verdict seems triumphant opposed to Trump’s travel restriction ban.donald trump

The United States Supreme Court has partially passed the Trump’s travel ban before it. Accordingly, the visit of citizens of Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen has been banned for up to 90 days without a close relation with those living in the United States. Refugees are prohibited for travel for 120 days.

This close relative was on the list of parents, husband, wife, children, son, son’s wife, siblings and half-brothers.

Judge Watson said that close family members of grandparents or grandfathers are close relative. So they should have names on this list.

Not only that, Watson, Homeland Security, and Foreign Department were the grandparents, grandchildren, deacons, brothers-sisters, uncle, aunt, nephews, etc. The neutral and cousin ​​ordered the United States to not enforce the ban on entry. However, there was no response from concerned departments.


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