Unprecedented Series of Bangladesh Bangabandhu Bridge Accident


Unprecedented Series of Bangladesh Bangabandhu Bridge Accident Bangabandhu Bridge is the longest bridge in the country in the space of three hours on at least seven separate accidents occurred in the early hours of today.
The latest accident is more than 15 vehicles crashed into one another.
At least seven people were killed in the accident, which was the son of a minister in the government land.
Jamuna Bridge (East) police chief Mohammad told the BBC that morning at five terrific akherujjamana dense fog covered the area of ​​the Bangabandhu Bridge.And within an hour of the accident, there are six or seven.
Police surrounded the scene and recovered four bodies.The injured were taken to various hospitals in the Sirajganj and Tangail.Land Minister Shamshur Rahman Rana Sharif Sharif, the son of one of the victims.
School Bus Accident_Stur(2)

The police, the army and people of the Bangabandhu Bridge Authority vehicles in the accident were going away, but the bridge was closed.
At one stage, the biggest accident before rescue workers arrived. A scene at the Bangabandhu Bridge Authority Executive Engineer Mohammad Abul Kalam Azad said that he agree to see a fleet of transport to come from behind at truck brakes and crashing one after another in fierce gusts. M. Azad said the accident bus, truck collision was the victim of at least 15 vehicles.One police officer was found dead after the accident to akherujjamana. The bridges were closed to traffic. After nearly four hours later resumed.He said he had never seen his police career of such accidents.



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