US Billionaire Jeff Bezos Where to Live – US Billionaire Residence

us billionaire residence

US billionaire jeff bezos where to live or us billionaire residence. US billionaire jeff bezos CEO of Amazon e-commerce business platform.

US Billionaire Jeff Bezos Where to Live

Jeff Bezosus billionaire jeff bezos

The second richest man Jeff Bezos’s home was owned by 67 billion dollars in total wealth, in Washington’s Medina. The e-commerce site Amazon remains the CEO of the organization headquarters of the company. His home in the vast area of ​​2.5 acres of 35 acres, where only the house has 29 thousand square feet. There is a separate house for the caretaker as well as the main house. In the Lake of Washington there are floating rooms of more than 4,500 square feet. This is not the end here. The 52-year-old e-commerce mogul farm is in West Texas, which measures 1,65,000 acres. Bejos has three interconnected apartments in the 26th of the list of top-ranked US companies in the ownership of land last year, in Manhattan’s Century Tower. And Beverly Hill is home to more than 12,000 square feet, with her neighbor Hollywood star Tom Cruise.

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