US Billionaire Larry Ellison Where to Live – US Billionaire Residence

us billionaire larry ellison

US billionaire larry ellison where to live or us billionaire residence. lawrence Ellison, larry Ellison spouse, larry ellison house, etc all are same. We are know that he is a world top richest person at this time.

Larry Ellisonus billionaire larry ellison

Oracle’s executive chairman, Larry Ellison, has a reputation for being a fancy person. 49.33 billion dollars in wealthy owner Ellison lives in Woodside California. It can be said to be a state, which costs approximately 11 billion dollars. His homestead of 16th-century Japanese architecture encompasses a man-made lake spread over 2.5 acres. 72-year-old Ellison, who has a mansion in Newport, in Rhode Island. There is a villa in Kyoto, Japan. Alice is also the owner of 98 percent of the island’s sixth largest island of Hawaii, which was bought for $ 500 million in 2012.

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