US Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg Where to Live – US Billionaire Residence

us billionaire mark zuckerberg residence

US billionaire mark zuckerberg where to live or us billionaire residence. Mark Zuckerberg is a specialist and common man for facebook ceo, facebook owner, etc to all social user because he is the owner of world most popular social site Facebook. He is the world top list richest person.

us billionaire mark zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg 

Among the top rich, the youngest Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth is $ 55 billion. Facebook’s founder and chief executive 32-year-old Zuckerberg holds Palo Altoo in California. In 2011, Palo Altoo bought this house at 5000 sq.ft. Zakarabar for $ 7 million. He has plans to rebuild them. Besides, in San Francisco, Dolores Park has another small house in it.


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