US Billionaire Michael Bloomberg Where to Live – US Billionaire Residence


US billionaire michael bloomberg where to live or us billionaire residence. Bloomberg, mike Bloomberg, bloomberg news, etc huge question asked all but we are provide where to live this world top six richest man.

Michael Bloomberg

us billionaire michael bloomberg
Inside Home

Michael Blumberg’s sixth position in the list is worth 45 billion dollars. Bloomberg LP’s chief executive and the mayor’s former mayor’s wealth spread around the world. But the 74-year-old man spent most of his time in Manhattan’s house. Even while the Mayor was three, he was at this house. He wants to transform this house into a mega mansion in five-story many days. For this reason, since 1989, he started buying different units around it. He has already bought five of his six buildings around his house. Apart from this house, Bloomberg has a large estate in New York’s Hampton, Bermuda, colorado, florida and London.

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