US President Crisis – US President Trump Facing More Crisis

us president crisis

US president crisis or us president trump facing more crisis another side donald trump president, donald trump campaign, presidential election 2017, us presidential election, etc. will trump win One more day, one more crisis. The White House Press Secretary Shaun Spiceer resigned in the list added to the list. President Donald Trump, unhappy about the spikey work being done for a long time. With the responsibility of the press office, the US ‘Bijara’ could not bring the media into the spies. Failure to deal with Harhamsa Trump’s half-truths, he became the American comedian Shore’s mockery ‘Target’.

Friday’s appointment as White House’s Office of Information Office An old friend of Trump’s New York’s hedge fund manager and Finnish Anthony Sternamuchi Very popular in the conservative Mahale to speak harsh language on television for Trump But Sparse could not accept the appointment of Scaramuchi. There is no scope for running the press office, nor is there any pre-identification with Washington’s political activist. Spice argued that he would have to do most of the work if he was appointed as Director of Director of Communications. The White House Chief of Staff, Rinse Pervas agreed with him and raised objections to the appointment of Scaramuchi. But Trump did not take care of it, so Spike decided to resign as protester. Many commentators are estimating, then the departure of the exile is just a matter of time. Sarah Hababi Sanders has replaced president crisis

The reason for the trip to Spice is unhappy because he had to leave, probably not. According to CNN’s mobile editor Chris Silzeiro, the real reason is that Trump was looking for someone in charge of the press office, who is an ‘external’ like him. No matter how much spice gets the trunk thrown on his body, he is not just a genuine ‘trump’. Anyone looking for trumps, who would be loyal to him on condition of anonymity.

The depth of the investigation into the depth of the investigation of Russian accession, the insecurity of the trumps is increasing. The change in the White House is the proof of that insecurity. Every day, the latest news is that the new scandal involves the secret relationship of the Trump Campaign with Russia. Trump is clearly concerned about the investigation of Robert Müller, the Special Counsel.

Trump hopes, because of the appointment of Scaramuchi, the White House Press Office will be more active than ever before. Saraamuchi believes in his new boss, that the spies or the rest of the press office have failed to prevent the media campaign against the trumps.


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