US President Donald Trump Said Now is The Time To Work With Russia

us president donald trump

US President Donald Trump said, now it’s time to work ‘constructively’ with Russia. donald trump, trump, trump for president, donald trump news, donald trump for president, trump campaign, donald trump president, donald trump campaign, etc. Trump said in a Twitter message after a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday at the G-20 conference on Friday.

In the tweet, Trump said Putin strongly denies the intervention of US elections. But Trump’s position has created contradiction with his senior officials. After facing a proposal for an online security partnership with Russia, he faced criticism among his president donald trump

Trump tweeted that he and Putin thought of forming a cyber security unit, to prevent hacking and other negative issues in the elections. Soon afterwards, Trump was subjected to severe criticism from social media and Republican parties. Senator Marco Rubio commented that such actions would be done with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to work with chemical weapons. Senator Lindsey Graham told MSNBC, “I have never heard such a bizarre statement.”

Meanwhile, US Ambassador to the United Nations Nicky Halley said that the United States will never believe in Russia and will not believe in Russia. He told CNN that “talking to Russia does not mean that the United States will keep our eyes closed.” And US Secretary of State Rex Tyleron said that interference in the 2016 election was a major obstacle to protecting good relations with Russia.



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