Venomous Snake Bite – Snakebite Problem and Its Solution


The venomous snake bite or snakebite problem and its solution. The threat of venomous snake bite is the life of many people in snakebite in Africa, snakebite in Asia, and snakebite in America. People in Asia, especially in rural areas, at risk of snake bites. Everyone will believe that the bite of snakes in the world is the most neglected public health problem.

Venomous Snake Bite BD Situation


In many rural areas, many snakes bites, how many saplings have died in those areas, they have no accurate information. A little bit of information is available in developed countries. The study of Satrap B and B Grab conducted in Bangladesh shows that every year about 500,000 people are infected with snake bites. which about 30-40 thousand people died. According to the Chippewa survey, every year 54 million people are infected with poisonous snake bites, poisoning between 2.5 million people and death of 1.25 million people.

Venomous Snake Bite Global Situation

venomous snake bite

In all the experiments, the poisonous snake venom is affected by 1 million 21 thousand in South Asia, 1111 thousand in Southeast Asia and 43 thousand in East Africa. People in rural areas are most affected by snakebite.

Professor of Medicine Faculty of Bangabandhu Medical University (BSMMU) According to Redwanur Rahman’s study, the number of snakes bite every year is 623.4. It is also found in this study that in the rural areas every year 7,10,159 snake bite occurs. Of which 5,88,9199 snakes were bitten and 6 thousand 41 died. The worst snake bite in the country is the south-western coastal area of Barisal. Then in Khulna area.

venomous snake bite


The snake does not bite if not attacked. Their victims – such as the rats, the snake comes to the human habitation. It has been found that, if the mouse is able to control the snake’s vulnerability also decreases.


First of all, if the snake is poisonous, then it will be treated first. The bite of the snake depends on how much it will be harmful to the affected person, such as the age, height, physical condition of the affected person, the area of the poison, the amount of toxicity, the speed of the starting of the treatment etc.

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First Aid:

Since one of the venoms of a snake is different. So the primary service is different in poison. Generally, the following factors have to be noted for primary treatment-

Make sure that the affected person or other people do not get infected with the snake bite again. Although many times a snake is needed for the treatment of the type of snake, doing so should be kept in mind that no one is infected with snake bites or is not late to treatment.

  • The patient needs to keep calm.
  • The patient will be taken to the emergency department of the nearest hospital.
  • The patient’s affected area will be kept at the heart level.
  • The patient cannot be allowed to eat or drink anything. Especially alcoholic substances
  • Cloth or any such thing, such as the clock, ring, bracelet, which will have to be thrown off by pressing the infected organs.
  • Snake bites cannot be cut in place of bite.

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Before the discovery of antivenom, bites of poisonous snakes meant the sure death. Although many treatments, antivenom is the most effective against snake poisoning. French doctor Albert Kelmet discovered the antivenom in 1895. It is to give in the shirt. Modern Entrepreneur Poly Volent, which works against different types of snake venom. The pharmaceutical companies create antivenom against the snake that can be detected in the area where the serpent is detected. Unfortunately, not all Instruments are available in all the hospitals of Bangladesh. As a result, the death rate of snake bites has increased.

It’s time to take action now. This can save lives of innumerable people.

Several areas of northern Asia and central zones of Bangladesh are being flooded recently. Many flood victims will face many health problems. At the same time, the risk of snake bites increased. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare the preparation of snake bites and ensure necessary services for the affected person.

The Author
Dr. Shahjada Selim
Assistant Professor
Endocrinology Department
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, Bangladesh.

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