WhatsApp 10 New Features – Cost Less & Privacy Will be Maintained

whatsApp 10 new features

Whatsapp 10 new features as like whatsapp messenger, what’s app, whatsapp android, whatsapp update, whatsapp app, whatsup, whatsapp for android, whatsapp application, update whatsapp, watsup, whatsapp new version, app whatsapp, whats up application, whatsapp message, etc. what brings up some new features is that the user has a lot of benefits. Now with ease of convenience, data consumption will be reduced.

WhatsApp 10 New Features

  1. No one will know when you last checked whatsapp app. Now that last seen time can be seen, you can turn it off. Privacy settings have to be changed.
  2. With whom you repeatedly chat with the WhatsApp app, their accounts can be saved separately from shortcut accounts. The option of whom you want to account for some time by hand it will be available.
  3. You’ve read the message you sent, and you know when it’s time to know. Not a green tick mark, but after holding down a few minutes on the message, the details can be seen.
  4. Now you can easily know when friends are in the right place. No one can cheat you anymore.
  5. Everyone has multiple groups in the WhatsApp app. Now you can set different ring tones for each group. After listening to the sound, the message came from any group.
  6. With the WhatsApp app, internet costs can be reduced by the time you want. You can set the Data Usage Limit to Settings.
  7. The end of the day for losing a phone number in the WhatsApp app. Even if the phone changes, the WhatsApp app will save old friends, save numbers.
  8. You will be able to keep a star mark of your favorite and useful messages. Do not have to search through many messages. Get it easily.
  9. To keep privacy, you can reply to the chat page without opening it. In the crowded train-bus, you can run your personal conversation.
  10. Now do not send all the messages to the same font. Any part of the message can be bold or italic.

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