WhatsApp Trap – Deadly Trap in WhatsApp

whatsapp trap

Whatsapp trap or deadly trap in WhatsApp this is main issue at this time. Bait is being run without internet, WhatsApp can run. But do not forget this trap. Whatsapp for windows and mac and also another OS available information we are try to provide.

You can run WhatsApp without internet. With this message, many people are entering the message in Halafil. The link that is coming in, it says that “inviting” at least 15 people will be able to run WhatsApp without internet.

But do not forget to do this. It is known that such a message comes through a fake website. In this way someone ‘Invite’ will leave the names of 15 people with the link-up to three random groups. Even the friends of the ‘Verifier’ group will also be sent to friends.

But whoever shares the link, he will be caught in spam maze. Therefore, beware of this kind of message.

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