He Will Not Attend Next Time in Oscars But Still Now in Job.


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Identify those responsible for the declaration in the name of the film was wrong. Price Water House kuparasera host (PWC), the two accountants Martha Ruiz and Brian Callinan. Apologizes PWC. Martha and Brian were forbidden to enter the Oscars. They can not any longer be the Oscar ceremony.

According to the film academy president, Martha Ruiz and Brian names of the winners of the Oscars envelope to hand over the award has been relieved of his duties for a lifetime. According to sources, Braini or Warren son handed over to the wrong envelope. But Martha Ruiz did not try to take any action. The rift before Brian was busy on Twitter, posting photos to the best actress Emma Stone. He deletes it again to hide his own mistakes. Sources  close to PWC, just missing the Oscar envelope carries no punishment, and the two do not. Do not be dismissed. Their job will continue. PWC many days old members do not want to leave.



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