About Windows 10 – 86 Percent of Companies Want Windows 10 Operating System

windows 10

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86 percent of companies want Windows 10 Operating  System, 86 per cent in the next three to four-year institutions interested in using Windows 10 software. The United States and Europe, a study conducted in four countries at 400 organizations were found. Decision-makers to market research firm CSS Insight Mobile Technology Survey, a study found recently. The study of the cost of buying new technology that has changed directions, it has emerged. Windows 10 to accept the changes in the trend, which has also been identified.

According to the survey, 47 percent of the company said, next year they will start using Windows 10. 83 percent of organizations are trying to change the PC and enterprise mobility management. According  to the survey, half of the eight million users actively using Microsoft Office 365 software. In addition, 95 percent of Microsoft’s enterprise cloud user microsoft azure Active Directory Useful.


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