World Best 7 Smartphone Security Apps – Smartphone Security apps insure to protetion in your Phone

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World best 7 smartphone security apps, smartphone security apps insure to protection in your phone. mobile security, security apps, phone security, android security, mobile security apps, mobile phone security, android security apps,etc. security apps for android outside of the Smartphone in your pocket, and can not afford it. Thousands of viruses, malware strong security to protect you from the app. At this point the best Android phone apps and their ratings were 7 security.

1) Avast

This version is available in both free and paid. Free version is very good, but the premium will not. Privacy Advisors and features are customizable blacklist. 9/10 rating.

2) Bitdefender

App is quite light. Took place on the phone less. However, it is a paid app. But the free version of Total Security does not only scan for malware. 8/10 rating.

3) Kaspersky

PC Security can be very well-known companies. Kaspersky Android for phones as well if not better to avast. There is also a free and premium version. 7/10 rating.

4)  AVG

Windows antivirus software, but his rep as a considerable chunk of Android Malware Detection Installing the app is slow. However, the anti-thephta and Privacy Protection good. If you want to download another app better malware protection. 7/10 rating.

5) McAfee

Android antivirus app features a set of McAfee nominal. Normally free app. However, the premium paid version. More anti-theft  and Privacy Protection good. Malware protection is not good enough. 7/10 rating.

6) Lookout

They are the only Mobile Security app. But the price is quite good compared to the premium version of Privacy Protection at a little more. Rating 6/10 can be done at the outside.

7) Norton

PC Security in the Mobile Security app is good is not good enough. Malware Detection especially bad. However, Norton is a multi-device, multi-platform security suite is. That might save some money buy. Just download the mobile app, the Total Security can not be found. 6/10 rating.

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