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Jubolig Leader GK Shamim Seized 10 Crore and FDR of 200 crore With Seven Bodyguards

GK Shamim of Bangladesh

After the arrest of Khaled Mahmud Bhuiyan, a leader of the Awami League-affiliated Jubo League in Bangladesh, law enforcers arrested another leader of the organization and arrested him along with seven bodyguards.

Police Special Forces RAB says that the central leader of the Jubo League, Ghulam Kibria Shamim, who was killed in Niketan, Dhaka. Who Known as Shamim, the raid was carried out in his office and home from Friday morning.

The search was led by RAB Executive Magistrate Sarwar Alam. During the operation, he informed that GK Shamim, the co-secretary of the Central Committee of the Jubo League. He is also the Vice-President of Narayanganj District Awami League. After the raid, he said that GK Shamim was arrested on charges of tendering and extortion. He has also been accused of smuggling money abroad through illegal means.

GK Shamim is now in custody of RAB. Mr. Alam said that on Friday night, a big push will be filed tomorrow, with specific charges against him.

He says that during the raid, they seized Tk 10 million in cash from the house and office of GK Shamim and FDR or deposit of Tk 20 million. Alcohol and weapons were also recovered. But Mr. Alam said the weapons have a valid license but they have been accused of having illegal activities with these weapons.

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